Game Development Law

Games are our passion. From the tabletop to the computer screen, they have been exploding in popularity in recent times, the law, as usual, has struggled to keep up. There is no one avenue of law that deals with games; instead we must turn to a mix of virtually every other avenue. One must use a trademark to protect their brand, a copyright for the art and music, possibly a patent for certain methods, and the litany of traditional business agreements for most everything else.

You don’t need cash up front!

Here at Arabi Law, we know games and business. We offer a variety of no upfront cost billing methods and revenue sharing plans as well as a 25% discount on our traditional billing rates for any game or e-sports related matter! Please see our Fees and Billing page or call us at 657-333-6264 for a free consultation today.

Indie Game Developers
You make games. Let us protect your work and fight off those bullies. We work with international developers located anywhere in the world and can help you protect your goods in the US and abroad, or to respond to any form of notice that you may have received regarding your work.

Perhaps you host tournaments or otherwise promote e-sports instead? We can help with that too!

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