E-sports is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world today. From the establishment of leagues, rankings, and tournaments to the highly complex regulations when it comes to prize-money and award distributions, we are here to help. Arabi Law has extensive experience in the competitive gaming scene with a deep understanding of not only the legal, but also the mathematical complexities involved. E-sports are also at the heart of marketing and advertising; licensing agreements, sponsorships, royalties, and a variety of rules can complicate matters.

Arabi Law can help simplify the multifaceted monster that is e-sports.

We offer a 25% discount via traditional billing methods on any game or e-sports related matter. Alternatively, we offer a variety of equity or revenue-sharing plans that require NO cash up front. Please call Arabi Law at 657-333-6264 or see our Fees and Billing page for more information today!

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