Indie Developers

You don’t need cash up front to get good legal help.

Arabi Law was founded for the purpose of aiding small time developers to fight back. We understand that the greater majority of developers are operating on shoe-string budgets and are not in any position to hire a full-time legal team. And yet, those same devs are in just as much need of legal help, perhaps even moreso, than the big time bullies that can afford to send endless cease and desists.

We won’t stand for it.

Arabi Law offers a variety of alternative billing methods, equity sharing or revenue-sharing models for up-and-coming projects. For more information about our no upfront cost billing practices and the requirements to qualify for such programs, please call us at 657-333-6264. For international developers or if you simply prefer to contact us via cyberspace, we can also be reached via email at or via our Facebook and Steam groups, links to both of which can be found at the bottom and right sides of our website.

We can help you internationally. We offer a 25% discount for all game or e-sports related matters via traditional billing methods as well! Please see our Fees and Billing page or call us for more information.

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