About Us

Arabi Law was founded for the purpose of providing affordable and effective legal services to a wide range of independent developers and inventors who are often bullied by the larger corporations. Mani Arabi, an avid gamer, could see an enormous amount of intellectual property (IP) all around him in the hands of garage inventors or indie game devs, and yet the majority of them do not possess the time nor the resources required to learn and manage the legalities on top of whatever amazing product they have just created. That is where we come in. Unlike many law firms, we pride ourselves on being extremely accessible and here to answer your questions, even at the last minute.

This area of law is rapidly emerging. Big corporations can afford expensive lawyers to get their way, but there are little assets available for the small time developer to fight back. Using unorthodox billing techniques and cutting edge funding methods, we at Arabi Law will help you fight back without breaking the bank. We will also aid you in maximizing your protections; whether that means expanding the geographic power of your trademark, filing international patents, or protecting your copyright from others, we will be here for all your needs.

We offer extremely competitive hourly and flat fee rates in addition to our unique startup package. Call us for more details: (657) 333-6264.

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