Business Planning and Formation

Any good business starts with thorough business planning. Whether you need help with financial planning, stock disbursement, tax effects, or just have questions regarding the liability and benefits of various business entities, we are here to help. If you are already doing business and have not formally formed any type of entity, then the “default” form will be either a “sole proprietorship” (if you work by yourself) or a “partnership” (if you work with others). These default forms do NOT have liability protection and your -personal- assets can be at stake as the result of a business dispute! Should you keep a sole proprietorship or establish an LLC, LLP, or one of various types of corporations?

There are many alternative forms available each with its own pros and cons. Please call Arabi Law at 657-333-6264 and we will gladly walk you through the various types and help you find the one that gives you and your business the most protection at the least cost.

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