Fees and Billing Methods

We offer a variety of billing plans for every situation. Unlike most firms, we also offer a variety of special “start-up” packages for indie developers, garage inventors, and other small businesses that do not have the upfront capital for traditional billing methods. We will work with you and your project to develop a mutually beneficial agreement for us both. For example:

–Traditional billing: Hourly billing or flat fee. 25% discount for any game or e-sports related matters!

–Equity-sharing: Generally, this means we would get a percentage ownership of your product rather than cash.

–Revenue-sharing: You keep full ownership, but we receive a portion of profits or other agreed-upon revenue.

–Hybrid or other: If none of the above methods work, we can work on a hybrid plan or perhaps something entirely different. Please contact us with your offer and we can discuss it.

Please call us at 657-333-6264 for more details about your particular situation.

NOTE: Alternative billing methods have minimum project requirements and will be approved on a case-by-case basis only.

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